Friday, April 29, 2005

Welcome to the Technology Room Blog

We are well on our way with Technology Room planning. Our official web page can be found at -- we'll be publishing our schedules there very soon. Thanks to the Technology Room, conference attendees can learn about all sorts of current and upcoming La Leche League online activities, and those who cannot attend in person can choose from many activities for their own "virtual conference" experience. This year we have LOTS of new choices!

Technology Room Features for Attendees
  • A pre-conference session on making the most out of computers and the Internet in your LLL activities (sign up when you register for the LLLI Conference)
  • Demonstrations of the LLL Community Network for Leaders
  • A special photography station where Leaders without access to a digital camera can get their Community Network profile pictures made
  • Demonstrations of the new LatchOn website for helping breastfeeding mothers worldwide
  • A special survey on Leader and member Internet hopes and dreams
  • A chance to watch chats with conference speakers as they happen and see chat Leaders in action
  • Handouts and other materials of interest to Leaders who use the Internet
  • The opportunity to meet the LLLI Online Communications staff and volunteers--ask questions, give feedback, say hello!
  • Informal gatherings of email list members

Technology Room Features for Others
  • NEW podcasts -- webcasts that can be played on your iPod, MP3 player, personal computer, or anything that can play MP3 files! These will feature interviews with conference speakers, information on LLLI projects, reports from conference attendees and more!
  • Conference blogs -- This year our online journalists will post to a blog like this one, and you will be able to track their experience from their preparations at home to their wind-down when they return from Washington DC. We''ll feature an experienced LLL Leader, a first-time attendee, an "LLL Dad" and others, for a wide variety of perspectives.
  • Conference chats -- a long-time favorite, we will once again feature online chats with conference speakers, where participants can ask questions and interact with a variety of interesting people who have many different areas of expertise.
  • Photos -- as always, we will feature candid conference photos. Look for your friends or family here!
  • Q&A Wiki -- LLL Leaders will have the opportunity to post questions of Technology Room staff and attendees via a Wiki (interactive web page) on the LLL Community Network.


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