Saturday, April 30, 2005

What Is a Blog?

I am often asked to explain what a blog is--and even though you are currently reading one, you may not be familiar with them. So, here's my explanation: the word "blog" is a blend of the words "web log" and functions like an online diary or journal. The author (or authors as in the case of this one) can post their thoughts and ideas to the blog easily using software that lets them type it in, edit it, and format it easily. Then the softare automatically "posts" the blog to the Internet.

Blogs are nice because they do not require you to know HTML (web authoring software) or have any programming skills. You just sign up, pick an attractive design, and start posting. You can have your blog be public, like this one, or private (I have one I only share with my friends, for example, about family stuff and my deep philosophical thoughts, LOL). You can include photos, like the one here showing Technology Room volunteers and staff in their spiffy shirts at the 2003 LLLI Conference (wow I have a lot more hair now). That is actually Jane Tuttle, me, Beverly Vaugh, Sandra Thorne and Barbara Heaney.

Blogs are used in widely different ways, from bragging about new babies to advertising. They are currently very important in media reporting--bloggers all over the world are posting instant information about current events. Of course, since there are no "editors" or "fact checkers" on these blogs, one has to read them using those critical reading skills LLL people are supposed to use all the time!

So, enjoy this blog, and look forward to the Technology Room blogs going up very soon--we'll have a list of our conference bloggers on our Technology Room page ( and they will start their own "blogadventure" soon!

Sue Ann Kendall


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