Friday, May 27, 2005

Chicago workshop perfect setting for podcast project

Last week, some of the Technology Room people were in Chicago at a workshop. Several dozen La Leche League Leaders from all over the US and Canada gathered for four days. The new methods and ideas we learned and practiced together all centered around "conversations that matter." Can you imagine, asking thirty-some-odd LLL Leaders to get together and just talk about things that they feel passionately about -- for four days?!?

It was an incredible experience, and, six days later, I'm still sorting through all the wonderful bits and deciding which *very best* idea will be the first project I work on. I brought home so many great possibilities, it's hard to choose where to begin.

Being immersed in all these delightful conversations afforded me a great opportunity to practice recording podcasts. Our LLL Podcasts, after all, are just like relaxed conversations with interesting people, and I found myself surrounded by interesting women who had a lot to say about the workshop we were attending. Later this weekend (after I jump a little hurdle with sound levels ;-) there will be several podcasts to listen to, all on the topic of the methods we learned at this workshop.

For those of you coming to the International Mastery Symposium (IMS), which happens over the two days before the International Conference, the podcasts offer a sneak preview of the first day at IMS.

Come back soon, and have a listen!

Elisabeth Lewin


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