Saturday, May 07, 2005

Wireless Mothers' Day

An announcement: I've finally entered the twenty-first century. I am typing this blog entry on my front porch, on my new laptop computer. This might not be a big deal for many of you, but as I think about my first job in the mid 1980's, training office workers to use (dual-floppy!) personal computers, my mind boggles while it blogs. I've never had a laptop before, and I can't wait to explore all the ways I can use it to do my work -- both for my company's websites, and for my fun LLL projects.

The whole portable nature of our technology we have today still fills me with a "gee-whiz" sense of wonder. Born in the days before FM radio, cable television, or even color tv, I just can't believe the kinds of creative, entertaining devices we can take along with us, anywhere we go. My children's grandparents send us photos of their travels using their cell phones from wherever they happen to be. The handheld video game players my kids covet get smaller and smaller, and the games that are played on them get more and more detailed (that's maybe a good thing *and* a bad thing, as this mother of teens can attest ;-) . I swear by my little personal digital assistant, or PDA, which keeps the family's schedules, my address book, and ever-growing To Do list in my pocket.

And my new little bitty computer connects to the Internet anywhere in my house or yard. I can take it anywhere I might need to work, including to the LLL Conference, and use it to record and upload podcasts for you to listen!

Podcasting really is portable technology which gets me most wound up. I am excited about the idea that folks can download our recorded conversations, or podcasts, and "listen in" at their convenience. Podcasts can be played on computers, or can be easily ported to mp3 players or iPods, whichever is convenient for the listener. This podcasting project can make "mother-sized" presentations available, which parents can pick and choose (taking what works for them, and leaving the rest -- doesn't this sound familiar??).

Whether digital or analog, wireless or Luddite, have a fantastic Mother's Day!


Blogger Sandee said...

Congratulations on the thoughtful gift! I got a wireless router for Mother's Day. Just need to figure out how to hook it up. I too am increasingly amazed at how the technology has improved. I have had to explain what IBM cards were to lots of people lately (It was how we registered for classes in HS in addition to lots of other things)and remember the size of the early printers (with the bad dot matrix fonts). I like technology in spite of myself and lack of comprehension (I still don't know how a regular telephone works--don't get me started on TV).

I hope to be up and wireless today.

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