Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Survey at the Technology Room

Hi! I wanted to tell you about another feature of the 2005 Technology Room that we're really looking forward to. We are preparing a survey that any conference attendee can take. The idea is to get some input we'll need for future online projects--there will be questions from the Online Communications Team, LLLI's Marketing Department, Publications and the consulting team working on LLLI's new Information Systems Project (I am also one of those people). Input we receive on this survey will truly help us shape future Internet projects for La Leche League!

As an incentive, we will be collecting names of those who take the survey, and at the end of the conference we will choose a lucky winner of a hand-knit felted bag, created by the LLLI Director of Web Technology (me again). Everyone could use a beautiful bag, so please try to visit the Technology Room and take our survey! And all who take the survey will get a free token of our appreciation.

--Sue Ann Kendall


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