Friday, June 17, 2005

Heading into the home stretch

I can hardly believe that in only 12 days, I'll be getting on the plane to go to Washington, D.C.! The last two weeks have been really full with preparing to podcast from the Conference. Many of the session presenters have agreed to come in to the Tech Room, to record a brief interview with me. The legal pad in my knitting bag that's serving as my "official" schedule is starting to really fill up with a roster of cool podcast visitors.

You can see the html version of that schedule here:

I have to confess, I am kind of star struck by the calibre of people who have said they'd like to do an interview -- my mind is brimming over wth questions I'd like to ask them. Let's hope that I don't turn from star struck to dumbstruck when I actually meet these amazing folks face to face!

Am interspersing podcast preparations with sneaky Fathers' Day running around..... and helping our 14 yo son for a trip to NY next week with his grandparents (lucky boy!).... and also getting ready for a work-related technology conference. When good things rain (and reign), it pours!


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