Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Paper Products!

Even a computer room needs some paper products, and that's a lot of what we have been working on this week. Our handout wrangler is busily collecting some great information to share with Technology Room visitors, which we will also share at the Administrators' Resource Fair and the World Faire during the conference. We also plan a new feature--we're going to make our handouts available on CD, to save space and paper! We hope visitors will be willing to make a small donation to cover media costs for this convenient collection of documents.

We are also working hard on our poster session's illustrations and other content, and some informative posters that we will display in the Technology Room, about LLL Web sites around the world, the LLL Community Network, our online chats, the Help Form programs and much more!


Anonymous Jennifer said...

Cool idea Sue Ann- it will make it easier to share Tech Room handouts with co-Leaders who can't attend.

Jennifer in Florida

8:04 AM  

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