Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Our first in-person Technology Room staff meeting!

Well, after a couple of really late nights of getting ready to leave my husband and children in Grandma Kate's capable hands, I flew to Washington, D.C. early this morning. The Hilton hotel is really pretty. I took a walk around the DuPont Circle neighborhood, and found a wonderful used book store, and good food for lunch. Best of all, there is free wireless (wi fi) access in the lobby!

And here in the lobby, six of us from the Technology Room volunteer staff are having our first in-person meeting. Sue Ann (our webmistress), Sue R., Jennifer, Shelly, Nancy Jo and I are updating web pages, blogging, counting up how many surge-protecting power strips we need.... and talking via cell phone with Traci, who is driving down from New York after a trip to the office supply store. (Yay, Traci!)

Tomorrow morning we set up the Caucus Room, which is where the Technology Room will be housed during this Conference. Wish us luck that the network will come together without too many bumps!


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