Monday, June 27, 2005

Notice of meeting possibilities with USWD staff!

Posted on behalf of Sue Scott:

Hello Conference Attendees:

Want to chat? Inquire? Dialogue? Just hang out? Share a meal or a laugh?

USWD staff-members will be available at various times/places to spend time with you, hear your concerns, learn about your Area needs, talk about our work, hear about about your work, and/or to share an informal gathering as Leaders. Available times will be posted at USWD staff suite, alumnae table or any staff member will also have a list with her. To find out where the staff suite is, please call any of us. The hotel will not give out room numbers but you can leave a message. You may want to arrange a meeting before arriving at conference. In that case, just email us in advance. Or you may take note of available times once there or you may ask a staff member while at the conference.


Barb Emanuel, Misty Dunn, Sue Scott, Rosetta Bartels, Wista Waldroop, Patricia Dubray, Laura Warren, Vicki Parnell, Lori Bryan, Sherryl Dombeck, Becky Hugh, Deirdre Knowles, Peggy Wiedmeyer, Kathryn Major


Blogger Barbara said...

What about USWD-wanna-be's?? Can wait to see everyone this week!!!

~Barbara Heaney (the "other" Barbara) :)

7:57 PM  

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