Monday, June 27, 2005

non-techies invited

I just have to say, in order to fulfill full disclosure rules, that in spite of the fact that I am on the Online Staff, I know very little about computers and how to do various functions on them.

Keeping that in mind, WOW the Technology Room Staff and other members of the LLL Online Team have outdone them/ourselves on this conference. We have 10--YES 10 volunteers to "blog" the conference (posting online journals that can be read and responded to at the conference and around the world). We have an amazing number of conference speakers who will be doing online chats that those who can not attend the conference can be involved in easily and without having to download a specific program. And a new feature this year are the pod casts--recorded interviews that you can listen to on any computer with internet access.

The best part of all of this for me is that *I* can do this stuff. I just listened to a sample pod cast, I am posting here on this blog, and I have chatted with conference speakers at the last two conferences. You do not need to have a teenager to do this stuff. Trust me, if I can do it, any one can. (And if by chance you have difficulities with any of these, you can easily get help by those talented co-workers of mine who know about computers.)

Anyway, for those of you attending the LLLI Conference in Washington D.C. come to the Technology Room and see us and participate. For those of you at home, log onto your computer and join in--and the best part of all for those of you at home, you do not even have to be dressed!



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