Sunday, July 03, 2005

Yesterday was FUN

I am knocking on wood like crazy. Why? Because the Technology Room is going SO WELL! Only a couple of little printer malfunctions have kept us from a 100% technology success. And we dealt with those problems easily.

Lots and lots of Leaders and others have taken our Tech Room survey, and more than 20 new members signed on to the LLL Community Network yesterday, thanks to a wonderful promotion effort at the World Assembly (its theme was "the Community Network Live").

In the afternoon yesterday, the Technology Room hosted a session on enhancing your LLL Life with computers. The participants seemed to truly enjoy all the tidbits the staff passed on, and occasionally got giddy with the thrill of learning a new little computer trick. The marvels of Excel formatting just sent them over the moon! It was really a privilege to share our hard-earned skills with a new group of Leaders.

We are just having so much fun it isn't funny! Please read our other Conference blogs, visit our photo page and listen to our podcases. You can have fun, too. Here's the link to our Tech Room web page:

Sue Ann Kendall


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