Saturday, June 18, 2005

Ready to Roll

Well, I am pretty excited--I have all my work done, I think. Handouts printed (thanks to Vernisha at the LLLI office!), poster session items all done, instructions all give, web pages as updated as I can get them...I am heading out of town Monday, to visit my father, who does NOT have Internet access at his house--oh, what is an Internet Director to do?? I hope, relax, knowing the Technology Room stuff is in the competent hands of the rest of the gang, who will keep adding chats and podcasts and posting right up until we get to DC!

I will post again soon, I hope! Safe travels to all who are traveling, and stay tuned to those of you staying here!

Sue Ann


Blogger Celia said...

hey, sun ann. i would like to help out in the Tech room during LLLI, so are there any times when you would need me to be there to help? let me know, please. byes. -celia

3:43 PM  
Blogger Suna said...

Hey Celia--I am on vacation and can't find your email address on this computer, so I will also post this on your lovely conference blog--I have no exact times I will need help, but I know I will need plenty. Just come to the Caucus room and check it out. You and Kynan can maybe go find the teen lounge together and stuff. I will also tell you when the fun knitting session will be, if your mom hasn't already told you (can't remember the schedule right now).

Sue Ann, in her dad's back yard, where she found a wireless connection

5:43 AM  

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