Sunday, July 03, 2005

Blogging in the Lobby, midnight

I'm working from the lobby of the hotel, a little after midnight, to wrap up the processing on the interviews I did today. The free wireless is nice, and so are the leather chairs (cushy!). However, it is less relaxing than working in the hotel room in one's jammies. I'm just too cheap to pay for wired access in the room, if I can get wireless for free! It'll be fun to spend that money at the Conference bookstore.... That reminds me -- I need to make sure I have good prizes for all four of the kids - and their dad, too.

So, I'm taking things I've already exported from Garage Band into iTunes, and now updating the information on them: making them conform to the naming conventions and file formats that we've used up until this point. Once that's done, I will update the RSS feed for folks who subscribe to the entire LLL Podcast. Tomorrow, the webmaster will update the page with podcast links.

So far, the feedback I've heard has been favorable. Participants have been mostly excited about podcasts, and all of them kind and personable. Some people who have listened have been positive in their comments -- and not just comments to me, but to others as well! (That's the kind of gossip I *like* to hear)

Can I breathe a sigh of relief yet?

I feel very positive about this project, but also am very very tired. Being this engaged with other people and this extroverted, for this many hours in a row, is wearing. I really believe I'm an introvert at heart, and a very insecure one at that!

Off to get a little sleep. I'm very excited to talk with Margaret Kenda in the morning. She writes about infant and toddler (and older) feeding issues, and, it turns out, used to live in Iowa years ago. A cool connection!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I again want to say how thrilled I am by all of this. Especially after talking with you in person!

It was great to wake up this morning to see I had a full slate of podcasts available to listen to!



8:20 AM  
Blogger Blue Sky said...

How wonderful you are Elisabeth! I have been enjoying the podcasts so much from Tokyo, really makes me feel part of what is going on, and I appreciate all your work and the work of the other tech room staff who are making this happen.

Tokyo Japan

8:59 AM  

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