Sunday, July 03, 2005

I love the sound of clicking in the morning...

The Tech Room is not busy, but it's buzzing! We've got a chat going on (with world-renowned author and all-around cool woman Diana West), someone is typing up her session notes, two people are taking our Online Survey, two are previewing our new design prototype, one woman is having her picture uploaded to her CN profile, and I'm blogging (obviously). So many happy clicking keyboards! Have you stopped by yet?


Blogger Mary said...

Those of you in the tech room ROCK! Each conference has brought innovations. You do what you did before well and now have blogs and podcasts to add to it all. For me away in California, it has been so much better since I have had lots of ways to check in with the ICf. Next time I just have to be there! Mary Baker

5:17 PM  

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