Monday, July 04, 2005

Funner and Funner

Things are still going surprisingly well, as the other bloggers have been reporting. Other than MY inability to get the URLs right on some of the podcasts right (sorry, copy and paste error), the projects are going very well. I am having a great time listening to Elisabeth record the podcasts, and this moring we got to introduce the technology to a large group of international attendees in one of the Global Sessions, which I co-lead with Marian Tompson of the AnotherLook organization (and LLL Founder). Everyone really got fired up at the possibilities of using podcasting to reach audiences working with HIV/AIDS and Breastfeeding--from mothers to researchers to medical professionals. Look for the session report to appear on the LLLI Web site's advocacy section soon after the conference is over.

We have been so busy taking Leader photos for the LLL Community Network that poor Sandee hasn't had time to upload yesterday's conference photo highlights. We hope to remedy that soon, but do like it that over 100 new images have been uploaded, and more than 40 new members have signed on to the CN during the conference.

There has been non-work fun, as well. I had a lot of fun at the knitting session in the Alumnae suite that I hosted, along with LLLI Board member LaJuana Oswalt (my old pal) and Edie Eckman, a well known knitting author and designer (and recent friend, LOL). Many people learned to knit there, including my own 14-year-old son and at least one LLL father.

Well, I need to go network now, so I'll sign off. More soon!

Sue Ann


Anonymous Connie Davis said...

Sue Ann et al,
I want to thank you all for sharing your expertise with those of us who are not there in person. The only things more wonderful than technology are the great techies doing all the work so we can be connected!! I love the blogs and the podcasts!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. XOXOXOXOXO

6:33 AM  

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