Tuesday, July 05, 2005

All is no longer quiet!

It's a good thing we have a sense of humor here in TechRoomLand! Everything was going just swell until about a half hour ago, when all our computers suddenly started to refuse to display anything on www.lalecheleague.org. That really slowed down our ability to to the chats or to show people that site! We figured out that the site was NOT down, but that instead, the hotel server was refusing requests to view that IP address. We've got the hotel staff on it, but since we are going to close in an hour (boo hoo), I am guessing we will have to do AIM chats for the last couple. Poor Gordon Neufield (hope that is spelled right) has been very gracious about figuring out how to chat.

Luckily all the podcasts are going swimmingly--we'll have them all up on the web site quite soon. We also have more photos to upload--Sandee has been so busy taking LLL CN pictures that the conference ones are moving slowly. We will get them all up eventually, though! They are GREAT. And for those who ask, we plan to keep the podcasts available indefinitely--we think they will be a great resource.

Well, think positive thoughts as we wrap up a really FUN time here in DC and enjoy the dinner tonight. I will be back to report from the hotel lobby in the morning and wrap up the conference web pages. We'll keep posting here for a while, and keep this up to collect comments, of course.

Sue Ann


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