Monday, July 04, 2005

Teen Helpers Check In

today i got my fortune read and it said i didnt eat enough cookies, so i ate some. now im much better and the balloon on my hand wont kill me. that was a relief.

ummmm..... i dont know what to post..... me and kynan went to this drama workshop, and it was lame. the guy running it was kinda mean.

i got some sequins at the drama thingy and they are cool. i agree that the thing was lame though, even though thats the first time i ever said lame. ever.

yeah..... hes weird, ignore him.

irma is cool. hes a canadian irish scotsman. his parents where from ireland and scotsland and then had him in canada. they moved there cause they like vikings. currently he is suffering from identity crisis. oh well.


ok, thats it for the teens. byes from celia! say goodbye kynan.

goodbye kynan.


Blogger Celia said...

this is a funny post that kynan and i made. just letting you know.

1:10 PM  
Blogger Suna said...

It is nice to have some teen energy to break up the seriousness. It was a pleasure having such helpful (if a little weird and goofy) teens in the Tech Room. You made your parents very proud of you.

Sue Ann, who is the parent of one of those teens

8:12 AM  

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