Friday, May 27, 2005

Chicago workshop perfect setting for podcast project

Last week, some of the Technology Room people were in Chicago at a workshop. Several dozen La Leche League Leaders from all over the US and Canada gathered for four days. The new methods and ideas we learned and practiced together all centered around "conversations that matter." Can you imagine, asking thirty-some-odd LLL Leaders to get together and just talk about things that they feel passionately about -- for four days?!?

It was an incredible experience, and, six days later, I'm still sorting through all the wonderful bits and deciding which *very best* idea will be the first project I work on. I brought home so many great possibilities, it's hard to choose where to begin.

Being immersed in all these delightful conversations afforded me a great opportunity to practice recording podcasts. Our LLL Podcasts, after all, are just like relaxed conversations with interesting people, and I found myself surrounded by interesting women who had a lot to say about the workshop we were attending. Later this weekend (after I jump a little hurdle with sound levels ;-) there will be several podcasts to listen to, all on the topic of the methods we learned at this workshop.

For those of you coming to the International Mastery Symposium (IMS), which happens over the two days before the International Conference, the podcasts offer a sneak preview of the first day at IMS.

Come back soon, and have a listen!

Elisabeth Lewin

The bloggers are blogging, hooray, hooray!!

It's great to see that almost all of our Conference bloggers are actively posting! We're hoping that these blogs will be a great way for everyone to get a little taste of the excitement and anticipation of attending an International Conference.

Monday, May 23, 2005

quick podcasting update

Just a note to say that some of the technology room volunteers were at a workshop over the weekend, and Elisabeth tested her podcasting technology there. It was really fun to participate in, and some interesting podcasts were recorded! I know she will post more here later, including links, so you can give the podcasts a listen, so do tune in and find out more!

Sue Ann Kendall

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Blogety-Blogety Blog! Whee!

Forgive my enthusiasm, but I am happy to announce that Jennifer and I have set up the initial set of blogs for our conference bloggers to use! We hope they will start posting a quick hello soon! Sandee, Jennifer and I are still seeking a couple more (why not, it's no work for us once they are set up!) of different types of folks to blog with us, but we are really happy to get representation from Leaders from all over, a father, a member, and two conference kids so far! Thanks, Sandee!

We made each blog a little different looking, just for fun. We hope you think it's fun, too. There is a link in the sidebar to the blogs--feel free to check them out, and check them often!

Sue Ann Kendall

Monday, May 16, 2005

We'll Be at the Resource Fair, Too!

Each year at the LLLI Conference there is a gathering for administrators, where they share resources and ideas with each other. This year we will have a table, too, and will focus on the LLL Community Network! We'll bring our camera to take pictures for Leader Profiles, we hope. The fair is held on June 29, the night before the "IMS" starts. If you're in DC that early, do drop by. The location will be posted in the Conference Program Book.

Preparing for the World's Faire

I've just contacted Judy Guarco on the Pizzazz team to reserve a table at the World's Faire for the Technology Room.

I attended the World's Faire in San Francisco in 2003 (my co-Leaders and I were selling those great domino pins -- look for them again this year!) I remember the feeling that the room was alive with all the excitement. I felt like I could have walked around all night and still not seen everything.

This year, stop by the Technology Room table. We'll have a free gift for you, and you'll have another chance to chat with the women who make LLLI's online presence what it is!


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The mask removed...

This is just a quick note to let everyone know that the "LLL blogger" listed in the contributors to the left is not a mysterious shadowy figure shrouded in darkness but merely the account name used to set up all of our new LLL blogs. In case you were wondering.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Blogger Update

With a new name, but not a new mission, some conference attendees have agreed to share their perspectives of the LLLI Conference. They will be writing their views of the conference in daily reports that can be viewed and enjoyed by not only those at the conference, but non-attendees world wide. These Blogs (which get their name from the term "web log" ) will be written by a variety of Leaders, dads and members--our bloggers. Look here soon for a listing and brief introduction of them, and links to their blogs. You can read the experiences of the 2003 San Francisco LLLI Conference at the following site.

Edited by LLL blogger to add:

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Wireless Mothers' Day

An announcement: I've finally entered the twenty-first century. I am typing this blog entry on my front porch, on my new laptop computer. This might not be a big deal for many of you, but as I think about my first job in the mid 1980's, training office workers to use (dual-floppy!) personal computers, my mind boggles while it blogs. I've never had a laptop before, and I can't wait to explore all the ways I can use it to do my work -- both for my company's websites, and for my fun LLL projects.

The whole portable nature of our technology we have today still fills me with a "gee-whiz" sense of wonder. Born in the days before FM radio, cable television, or even color tv, I just can't believe the kinds of creative, entertaining devices we can take along with us, anywhere we go. My children's grandparents send us photos of their travels using their cell phones from wherever they happen to be. The handheld video game players my kids covet get smaller and smaller, and the games that are played on them get more and more detailed (that's maybe a good thing *and* a bad thing, as this mother of teens can attest ;-) . I swear by my little personal digital assistant, or PDA, which keeps the family's schedules, my address book, and ever-growing To Do list in my pocket.

And my new little bitty computer connects to the Internet anywhere in my house or yard. I can take it anywhere I might need to work, including to the LLL Conference, and use it to record and upload podcasts for you to listen!

Podcasting really is portable technology which gets me most wound up. I am excited about the idea that folks can download our recorded conversations, or podcasts, and "listen in" at their convenience. Podcasts can be played on computers, or can be easily ported to mp3 players or iPods, whichever is convenient for the listener. This podcasting project can make "mother-sized" presentations available, which parents can pick and choose (taking what works for them, and leaving the rest -- doesn't this sound familiar??).

Whether digital or analog, wireless or Luddite, have a fantastic Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Survey at the Technology Room

Hi! I wanted to tell you about another feature of the 2005 Technology Room that we're really looking forward to. We are preparing a survey that any conference attendee can take. The idea is to get some input we'll need for future online projects--there will be questions from the Online Communications Team, LLLI's Marketing Department, Publications and the consulting team working on LLLI's new Information Systems Project (I am also one of those people). Input we receive on this survey will truly help us shape future Internet projects for La Leche League!

As an incentive, we will be collecting names of those who take the survey, and at the end of the conference we will choose a lucky winner of a hand-knit felted bag, created by the LLLI Director of Web Technology (me again). Everyone could use a beautiful bag, so please try to visit the Technology Room and take our survey! And all who take the survey will get a free token of our appreciation.

--Sue Ann Kendall

Monday, May 02, 2005

The Schedule

Hi, I'm Shelly. I've been a Leader since 2003. I'm currently living in Palo Alto, CA, but in June we're moving to West Point, NY, just before the International Conference.

This is my second ICf, and my first time volunteering in the Technology Room. As I created the schedule that we are using for planning, I was struck by how much is going on and how much I want to do! I realized that I even inadvertantly signed up for two sessions at the same time! Too bad we don't have the technology for that...

I am happy that we will be doing podcasts, and that I'll be able to listen to them after the Conference (while I'm unpacking boxes in our new home!) What a great way to extend my Conference experience.


Sunday, May 01, 2005

Podcasting plans for this summer's LLLI Conference

Hi! I'm Elisabeth. I'm a LLL Leader and LLL Communication Skills Instructor from the midwestern part of the United States. I will be putting together podcasts in the Technology Room at this year's International Conference.

Although I have worked off and on in technology-related fields since 1987, this entry is my first experience with blogging. I am so glad that the LLLI Conference Technology Room blog is a collaborative effort! So far, setting up a profile and posting to the blog have been really easy and straightforward. I am encouraged to see how simple the process has been. Now, if all our other preparations for the Technology Room are as smooth and effortless, we'll have it made...

Many of you have probably heard of podcasting. Podcasts are a popular way to make audio files available over the Internet. Once a listener tells her computer some simple instructions about how to capture (or download) the podcasts (shows) she likes, she can listen, at her convenience, on the computer, or on a portable mp3 player (or iPod). Listeners can check out a single show, or set it up to update their device with the latest edition of a favorite program.

The main benefit of podcasting is that listeners can sync content to their media player and take it with them to listen whenever they want to. I like to put new podcasts on my iPod, and listen to them when I'm riding my bike, or while I'm fixing dinner. Because podcasts are typically saved in MP3 format, they can also be listened to on nearly any computer. (I'm listening to a Dutch music podcast while I type this!)

At the LLL International Conference this summer, we plan to bring listeners a series of interesting conversations with the people taking part in the conference.

Whether you are attending the conference in Washington, or spending this summer at home, please share with us: what conversations would you like us to share with you? We plan on talking with many of the session presenters to podcast for you.... but what else would you like to hear?

I'm looking forward to "hearing" your ideas, whether in podcast form, or just regular old email.